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I live  in Coaldale with my amazing husband Austin and my golden doodle, Ruffles and my Mutt, Merlot! I have a ton of creative outlets, including singing, dance, and acting and I take any opportunity to be creative and share my passions with others. I have an extensive background of training in posing and modelling, and it’s one of my many passions. My style of work is very candid - I pride myself on capturing the emotion and connection with clients. 

At the early age of twelve, is when I discovered a love for photography. It all started when I took photos with my friend in our small town of Hill Spring, AB. There was a ditch full of water, and I told her to throw a rock in the water. I captured the splash of the rock piercing the smooth surface of the water, and in that moment, I saw the beauty of taking something, no matter how simple, and transforming it into a lasting and permanent memory. After that, I fell in love with photography.

When we take photos together, there is no posing and just looking at the camera. Photography is an experience. It’s capturing those authentic moments. Some of the best qualities of friendship are trust, humor, reliability, respect and fun. I guarantee that by the end of our photo shoot, you won’t just be happy with the work… you’ll feel like you made a new best friend.

Available for travel worldwide.

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I'm a city turned country girl...I used to be the biggest city girl you’ve ever met. But ever since I’ve met my husband, I have embraced my country side - boots and all. That being said, that doesn’t mean you won’t see me with a fancy coffee (or tea) in my hand every so often…. 

I’m terrified of birds. Truthfully - anything with wings puts me on edge, but I like to narrow it down to birds specifically. I 100% believe birds can kill you, and also believe that would make an incredible horror movie - that I most definitely would not watch. 

I love my wine - and want others to love wine too. This is why I brew my own wine as thank you gifts for clients. (Just in case you needed more incentive to get some amazing photos taken!). 

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