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Hey! I'm Ashleigh Riemann, lover of fries and candids.

Greater than my love of photography is becoming best friends with my clients. When we work together, it's not about posing for the camera, but letting me capture authentic images as we have fun, get to know each other, and build a genuine connection.

For over a decade, I've loved photography. It all began at twelve, capturing my friend throwing a rock into the water. While not the most exciting subject matter, I found beauty in taking a moment and transforming it into a lasting memory. Since then, I’ve moved onto people, capturing the love they share for each other and for life. 

I've worked on my skills and built a ton of experience in posing and modeling, but let me tell you, my style isn't about stiff poses or artificial smiles. I'm all about capturing those raw, authentic, and candid moments bathed in the glorious glow of natural light.


FOR ME... is more than just taking pretty pictures. It's about freezing those genuine emotions and connections that make life truly beautiful. I strive to capture the laughter, the tears, and the unfiltered joy that fills your heart. When you look back at your photos, I want you to feel the same emotions and relive those precious moments again and again.

So, whether you're up for an adventure in a sun-kissed field or want to dive deep into the soulful depths of an intimate moment, I'm here to create magic with you. Let's capture the essence of who you are and tell your unique story through photographs that radiate with authenticity and heartfelt connection.


I shoot in Alberta, British Columbia, and travel around the world, but I call Southern Alberta my home. Ever since I met my husband I've learned to embrace the boots and all, although sometimes you'll find me with a fancy cup of coffee or tea.


I share this cozy little corner with my amazing husband, Austin, and our lovable furry companions, Ruffles the goldendoodle and Merlot the mutt. Life is a lively dance, and I make sure to keep my toes tapping with singing and dancing. Being creative is my jam, and nothing brings me more joy than sharing my passions with others.

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I'm also your go-to business bestie and coach over at Barrel + Peak Coaching, empowering business owners to thrive in a competitive market. After over a decade in business, I've obtained the knowledge and experience to make a successful business.

Working with me, we'll work through practical steps while celebrating every little milestone and making your business dreams a reality.



I'm a city girl turned country...I used to be the biggest city girl you’ve ever met. But ever since I’ve met my husband, I have embraced my country side - boots and all. 

My favourite hobby is singing. I have loved singing for a very long time. Took singing lessons and everything. 

I brew my own wine and I love giving them as a thank you gift to my awesome clients because nothing pairs better with amazing photos than a nice glass of wine.
I’m terrified of birds. Truthfully - anything with wings puts me on edge, but I like to narrow it down to birds specifically.
I 100% believe birds can kill you.


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